August 4th, 2013

2013/14 Season Updates

With every new season comes the task for updating ClubBase, and each year I get better at updating it all in time for the new season. I've completed a pass of all Pyramid leagues, and have updated the details of their clubs where available. Some leagues have yet to publish their composition for the new season in an easy-to-find format, and those leagues will still show their 2012/13 composition. Currently, about 75% of clubs have been updated for 2013/14. (You'll also some defunct clubs listed - these will disappear once all leagues are updated).

As I check through all 460+ divisions, I inevitably find changes in leagues' structures. So, for this season, we bid farewell to the Harrogate & District League Division 3, the Northamptonshire Combination division 4, the Banbury District and Lord Jersey FA's division 4, the East Berkshire League's division 5, and the Bristol & Avon League's division 1. Similarly, the Guildford & Woking Alliance League's divisions 4 North and 4 South have merged into single division 4. On the expansion front, the Hampshire Premier League has added division 1.

So, beyond the annual ClubBase, I am planning on a number of upgrades and improvements over the coming season:

  • Adding post codes and co-ordinates for all clubs, so they can all appear on the LeagueMap.

  • Updating the less visited pages to the new look and feel

  • Adding stats for the FA Cup, Trophy and Vase to bring the relevant pages up to date.

  • Checking all external (and internal!) links

  • ... and a few other more secret plans!

Overall, the new season will bring an ever-improving site. I hope you continue to find it useful.