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A quick update 
13th-Feb-2007 11:59 am

This morning, I recieved an email providing an alteration to a club's website (on the LeagueMap). Two minutes and ten seconds later, the relevant file (singular) had been updated, and an thank-you email sent... and 35 seconds of that was waiting for the file to upload. 
I like the new systen :-)

In other news, I managed to knock 20KB off the size of the (new, forthcoming) version of the Single Page Structure, just by using CSS tags with shorter names, and remembering that closing the <td> tag is optional in HTML 4.0. (This is one of many reasons I prefer HTML to XHTML). That said, the new version is still significantly bigger than the old one. I could reduce the file size further, the extra ASP code required would mean the server would take longer to produce the file (and thus actually make the page take longer to appear, despite requiing less time to download).

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