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Pyramid poster - coming next week 
14th-Mar-2007 09:58 pm
For a long time, it has been my intention to produce a poster version of the structure of the pyramid. I am ware that the web pages do not make good printouts, and so I set about drawing up the "Pyramid Poster", using MS Excel. However, it turned out to be impossible for any printer to produce the posted from an Excel file for a reasonable price, so the project was put on the back burner.

That has now changed. I have figured out to produce the poster in a suitable format, and nowhave a printer all lined up and ready to go. I'm two-thirds the way through making absolutly sure all the details are correct, and then it can go to the printers! Once that happens, I will start accepting orders (with the aid of PayPal). All going to plan, the posters should be ready for dispatch at the end of next week.

Other work (on ClubBase and the LeagueMap) has continued in the usual way. Finally, don't forget that you don't need a LJ account to post comments.
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