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Of posters and bugs... 
20th-Mar-2007 12:07 am
The printers are doing their bit with the Pyramid Poster. It actually takes two days (!) for the ink to dry, so I am expecting delivery on Friday (failing that, on Saturday). I'm aiming to dispatch all the current orders on the day they arrive, and will email customers when there orders are in the post.

I have also finally sorted out a bug on the LeagueMap. Thinsg started going awry when  the Manchester League was added (view map of all divisions), and I spent some time thinking it was to do with the fact that the internal reference numbers had also changed. I was partly right... it turned out the Javascript file was looking at an outdated version of the data file (with the old ref numbers). This bug was also why not all the league's had an "[all divisions]" option available, even though they should. In fact, it was this which tipped me off where to look. So, a happy ending there. There are still some leagues displaying incorrectly, but I'm pretty sure this isdue to over-zealous cacheing at some point between my computer and the server. Please feel freee to leave a comment if it's not working for you (or even if it is).
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