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One hundred and twenty two down, eleven to go. 
12th-Apr-2007 03:11 pm
An ongoing project is contacting every league on the site ,and verifying their details are correct - especially the feeder/feedee leagues. Out of 133 leagues listed on the site, I lack confirmation from just eleven - and I have no means of contacting four of those. I am optimistic that I can get replies out of thr emainder by the end of the season, which means that section of the site would be "finished". This would be strange, as I've been working on showing the complete structure of the Pyramid for around five years (see Site History for details).

Of course, this wouldn't mean the end of work on the site - there's still ClubBase to complete, the League Ratings to update, pages to convert to HTML 4.01 strict, the Woman's pyramid to work on, the Welsh Pyramid to include...
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