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Summer fun and frolics 
25th-May-2007 05:25 pm
The 2006/07 draws to a close, with a only some play-off matches in a certain well-known league remaining. The worst thing about ClubBase is that I have to spend the summer months checking every single club to see which league and division (if any) it is playing in for the new season. Of course, the majority of clubs won't move divisions, and the Division Details facility simplifies the task somewhat. Clubs which are moving to a league not currently on the database will end up in a dummy league, while clubs I belive have ceased will be simply removed.

On a related note, I am continueing to email league secretaries to try and obtain club details (when this info isn't on the league website). There is potential here for a minor problem: if a club is moving form a league on the database to a league that is being added, and I haven't removed it from the first league, then it will end up being listed twice on the database, with the result that only the older record (I think) will show on the site. I'm not worries about this - the chnaces of this happening are slim, the older record will still contain useful information, and the problem will be resolved when I review the original league.

Finally, after seeing the Structure of The Pyramid colour scheme being described as "psychedelic", I have made the colours paler. The joys of CSS means this took of all two minutes, and I think the new colour scheme is an improvement. I have a cheap flatscreen which doesn't do pastel colours well, and it wasn't until I viewed the page on another monitor that I realised that is was a bit psychedelic.
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