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Technical issues and site updates (at last!)

It's been a very long since I posted here, but finally I have something to post about!

Technical issues
The website used to be hosted on a Linux-based server, but my hosting company dropped support for ASP on their Linux-based servers, casuing large parts of the site to not work properly. Consequently, last week I had the hosting company switch the site to a Windows-based server to ensure the ASP pages would still work. (I could have re-written them all in PHP and kept the Linux-based hosting, but switching server software was simpler). However, the ASP implemenation on the Windows server is subtley different, which meant I had to do various tweaks. (For the technically inclined, the Windows version doesn't think is null string and ther numerb zero are equal; the Linux version did).

Nominally, the ASP pages should now work perfectly... and they do. Sort of. If you visit (for example), you'll see two identical error messages at the top, followed by the page rendering as it should. So, I'm in contact with the technical support at my hosting company to get this sorted. Last message from them was it looekd like a scripting error, to which my polite reply was that even the simplest hello world page has this problem. The hosting company has always been very good, so I'm confident we'll get this sorted.

2010/11 season update
I have begun the slow process of updating the ClubBase pages to reflect league membership for the new season. I have some semi-automated scripts that should handle about a third of the clubs, and I hope to update the site accordingly next week. Further, I've got a more streamlined process for handling updates, so I'm hopeful the remaining two-thirds will progress much more quickly than they ever did in previous years.

Pyramid posters
It's come to my attention that several people didn't receieve their Pyramid Posters, despire ordering them a (long) time ago. Email me if you're one of them!
Tags: clubbase, pyramid poster, season review, technical issues
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