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Updates and posters 
29th-Aug-2010 08:06 pm
The first piece of news is that the technical issues reported last week have been fixed. For the technical-minded, the .htaccess file from the Linux-baswed hosting was causing problems with the new Windows-based host. Kudos to my hosting company for finding and fixing this.

2010/11 season updates
Today I updated around 1,200 clubs across 71 divisions for the 2010/11 season, covering all divisions down to level 10, plus some as far down as level 14. There are about 70 divisions with out-of-date club details, and about 350 divisions with no club details at all. I plan on dealing with the out-of-date divisions over the coming few weeks, and then adding new divisions throughout the season. Longer term, I plan on upgrading the software I use to manager all the data to make it easier to update things each season.

Pyramid posters
The backlog of orders has finally been cleared, and the most recent orders should go in the post tomorrow. My sincere paologies to everyones who's has had to wait so long. 

Leaguemap bug
The LeagueMap is currently out of action, which means I have to delve into the murky world of javascript in order to fix it. Given my somewhat limited javascript abailty, this could take some time.
I'm debating changing how the leaguemap works... currently I use ASP to produce an XML file with the javascript then processes in order to add to the map. A better way would be to use the ASP to produce a KML file, which can requires only about two lines of code. Plus, I can make the KML available to users!
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