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18th-Jan-2007 11:16 am
The purpose of this blog is to provide an informal way of keeping non-League fans up to date with news, changes and developments in my site. I know from my visitor stats that relatively few people look at the "News and Updates" page. A blog is easier for users to keep track of, allows a more conversational style of writing, and offers the potential for visitors to comment. I chose LiveJorunal for three reasons: it was free, it was advert-free in basic mode (which contains all the features I need), and allows non-LiveJournal users to comment.

One function of this blog will to be an extension of the "Latest news" that appears at the top of the main page. At the time of writing, this proudly proclaims that thePyramid.info is now an advert-free site. The story behind this headline is that my personal finances have improved to that statet that I no longer need to have advertising on the site to pay for hosting fees. Visitors may recall that an ad first appeared just over two years ago. This followed a unsolicited approach by the advertiser, for an amount that was roughly equal to the cost of my hosting fees (which were then coming up for renewal). As I was a poor student at the time, I agreed. 
The following year, the company offered me a lower amount, despite the significant increase in my the number of visitors to the site. I declined to renew the offer, which lead to a succesful appeal for donations to cover hosting costs. However, the small matter of VAT escaped my attention, so I ended up hosting an advert from another company. This deal has now expired, hence the lack of adverts.
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