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All leagues now on Clubbase 
21st-Dec-2010 11:23 am

It may be the holiday season, but recent times have been spent going through the websites of  every single league in the Pyramid and gathering details of their members clubs. For some leagues, I will need to cross-check this against outdated details. However, if the league had no clubs in Clubbase at all, there's no need. So, details of all those clubs are now on Clubbase!
There are one or two issues... if you look at the alphabetical listings, you'll see the new clubs fall in a group after the old dataset. Also, there may be some issues with duplicate clubnames.

By the New Year, I will have updated all the 100 or so divisions with outdated details, and made sure everything is in nice alphabetical order. Then I will have to do is find out club websites, post codes, and lattitude/longitude for the 4000+ new clubs...

Earllier this month, I got rather behind on dealing with poster orders. They have now all been sent out, and I think I managed to tell everyone who had contacted me. If you did contact me and I haven't relplied, then my apologies. Hopefully the poster arriving in the post was answer enough.

Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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8th-Aug-2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
Eeek! Sorry they took so long - that was unacceptable. I did end up with a backlog (a page of orders went missing) which I cleared not long after you made your post (in response to another complaint). Once again, I apologise - you should have received your posters much quicker than you did.
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