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ClubBase complete! 
8th-Aug-2012 10:49 am
After a marathon effort through the summer, I am very happy to report that every ClubBase now has details for every club playing in a pyramid league (excluding the handful of leagues that still haven't confirmed their line-up for 2012/13).

In other news:
  • The site design is being overhauled. You will have already noticed the new deisgn on the home page and a number of the most visited pages already have the new design in place. The remaining pages will have the new design in place very soon.
  • The pages giving details of each league and the clubs in each division have been merged. If you have direct links to the details of any league or division, don't worry - they will produce the correct information.
  • The much-loved ground grading page has been updated with the FA's 2012 requirements
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